about celeste

Hi there, my name is Celeste, and Celeste Mystic is my personal blog about a spiritual journey of magick, mediumship, and mysticism.

I grew up as an intersectional nomad and much of my life has been experienced in the liminal. Where chaos and peace converge, growth and healing begins. It is through these cycles of growth, death, and rebirth that we evolve to be our highest selves.

In the month of my 28th birthday, Saturn began its transit through my natal sign, Aquarius. This transit marked the beginning of a huge shift in global consciousness in regards to health, safety, and societal structure. Reeling with the collective pain of a global shut down and personally adjusting to my new life as a fresh divorcee, I found myself at a crossroad. It was at this crossroad that I choose to walk a path that has taught me lessons of learning accountability, discovering patterns, and realizing how much this chaotic Universe loves each of us.

It is my belief that the building blocks for mysticism is woven in our DNA. Just as our consciousness is the foundation of our humanity, so it is also the bedrock of our intuition. To be human, is to be a mystic.

It is with hope that this chronicle provides tools, tips, and lessons for those invested in developing their Divine gifts.

You can fill out a contact request or reach me online in the links below.