We Create Our Reality

If we create our own reality, why not add ✨ sparkles ✨

At the start of each new year, witches and boss bitches alike set out to manifest what the next 365 days will bring for them. It is a shared belief of spiritual practitioners, thriving business owners, world class athletes, and motivational speakers that visualizing our success is vital in achieving our goals.

A few weeks ago, some of my girl friends came over to do a vision journal night. One of my friends had found an awesome TikTok by @Latinapreneur detailing her creative process for her vision boards.

For each category of her life, her formula is as follows:
1. Set an intention
2. Identify the limiting belief
3. Establish an affirmation
4. Create a symbol

What I love most about this vision board process is the energy that is put into reflecting and consciously creating exactly what you want for your life. The Universe (or God; to me, they are the same) wants us to be happy and wants us to be involved in building our lives. The more energy that is spent getting clear about how want our life to look; the more material the Universe has to give back to us.

As it is for many people, my vision board is a labor of love. Each photo was intentionally selected to correspond to goals that I am manifesting for 2023:

  • Selling my house and moving into our new home
  • Showing up authentically and being confident in my vulnerability
  • Growing the love my partner and I share for one another
  • Traveling with friends and deepening friendships
  • Exploring healing, mediumship, and my psychic abilities
  • Building success in my career and my business
  • and, making a lot of money to travel, eat, and enjoy my time!

If you haven’t tried vision boarding yet, check out @Latinapreneur’s TikTok. This is your sign to create your reality and start one today ✨






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  1. Reagan Avatar

    Started following her on tiktok
    So much great advice ☺️

    1. Celeste Rising Avatar

      She is great! I love her latest of her vision board progression 😂 Her 2022 board is an inspiration!

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