I went to a Cacao + song + Sound bath, and here’s what happened…

🎶 It’s Friday night and moon was… almost new! 🎶

This week was here and gone before I knew it! My partner and I have been independently exploring meditation, so we thought it would be fun to try something new for our weekly date night.

I came across 3rd Eye Lounge as I was searching for cacao ceremonies in Austin. I went by on Monday to attend a Cacao + Reiki + Sound Bath, but poorly timed my commute and arrived a few minutes after it began. The meditation room is quite spacious, but once the lights were dimmed, it felt inappropriate to disturb the participants who were already settled in.

The staff was so gracious, and suggested that I take my cacao home (bonus TIP: if it is late, like it was for me, the theobromine in cacao can keep you up! They suggested that I put it in my fridge for the morning, as it stiffens into a thick, creamy, delicious mousse overnight! IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. YALL.) Ash and Sumi were working at one of the tables, and after a bit of chatting, they mentioned the new membership they are launching very soon! Can’t wait to hear more about those details as they come about!

One of the other classes I had wanted to attend was this Friday, called Voice & Pure Vibration. We arrived 30 minutes early; which made us the first ones there AND gave us plenty of time to enjoy our cacao. Moon, who prepared the cacao for the event, explained to us that the ceremonial cacao is a special non-menu item, and is made of 100% Ecuadorian cacao.

It was delicious. Chocolatey. Smooth. Rich. Creamy.

Honestly, it was hard to say if I preferred the freshly-prepared-and-hot or the overnight-morning-mousse – the cacao was just divine in either form! I’ll be doing a seperate post on cacao, and will link it here.

When it was time to head in, we grabbed a mat, bolster, and a blanket and settled in.

My partner had never been to one, so the best description I could come up with is that a sound bath is a group meditative experience using the resonance of crystal singing bowls in tandem with chimes, bells, and other instruments with the goal of producing high vibrational frequencies.

Mae Deevy was the main practitioner of the sound bath, and had a co-artist with her, Greg. The meditation room was really well designed, with soaring ceilings and sun sails fastened in a really lovely pattern.

Mae and Greg had their instruments arranged in the middle of the room, and the attendees were fanned out around them. Throughout the experience, they took turns singing and walking around the room while playing the instruments. It was really beautiful to hear and feel the differences in the sound waves as they moved through out the space.

My mind drifted throughout the experience, and I did my best to observe my thoughts without judgement or frustration. In witnessing what came up, I was surprised by both the types of thoughts, as well as, the way my body felt in response.

Spiritually, I have been doing a lot of shadow work and spending time reflecting on recovered memories. During the sound bath, these memories came up and cognitively it was upsetting; however the feeling in my body was calm. It was interesting to hold space for the cerebral and emotional pain, while also feeling a sense of confidence and calmness in my physical being.

In the days following the sound bath, I have felt more clarity and have been experiencing a general sense of well-being. The memories that surfaced have felt smaller, in a way. It seems as though the sound bath created a split in my reality that allowed me to safely witness what has been causing me pain. All and all, it as a really lovely experience and I am looking forward to attending the next one.

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