My grandmother contacted me from the other side

Last Saturday, I had my very first reading with a psychic medium.

I know, it’s the silliest thing ever that it has taken this long for me to consult with a professional psychic! More on that in another post…

Being new to this process, I was delighted when I opened my messages and discovered photos and notes from my medium, Sasha, several days before our scheduled time. Sasha had pulled a handful of cards, and met with my spiritual guides, days before she and I even spoke for the first time. She sent some snaps of the cards she pulled, along with her notes for her to reference during our call a few days later.

I just gotta say: holy guacamole, y’all.

She had the sections split up into several categories: Family Ties & Evolved Self, Romantic Relationship, Money, Spiritual Homework, and Career. In addition to that, there was a general theme for the year that touched on each one of these categories.

Certain cards and specific spirit guides provided her with insight for what lies ahead.

A major theme for 2023 is a mission of healing and unblocking my heart chakra in preparation for what is to come in 2024.

One of my guides had an ancestral connection with me, and she described the woman as a woman in her 40-50s, of the 1970’s era, professionally dressed with dyed auburn hair.

She said she had the impression that the woman was very outspoken, some would say brash – but mainly due to the social stigmas placed on women during her lifetime.

As soon as she started describing her, there was no doubt in my mind that she was referring to my grandmother. My medium told me that Gram was here to help me with processing the grief and shadows that are weighing on my heart energy center.

In addition to my grandmother, another guide that was communicating with Sasha was a deeply powerful light worker, a High Priestess of the Goddess Isis. Sasha saw her practicing Reiki through the spirit realm to break up the shell around my heart chakra and unblocking the channel to my third eye.

She described a visual of her Reiki as lightening breaking up and shattering the protective calloused wall that had built up.

I mean, how beautiful, right?

I really have such a deep fondness for The High Priestess in The Tarot; she is a card that I pull with consistent regularity. My relationship with The High Priestess has always come with deeper spiritual experiences and an increased acuity of spiritual gifts.

In reflection, it feels so fitting that The High Priestess would be a central part of my reading with Sasha. The High Priestess embodies feminine wisdom, intuition, and spiritual knowledge.

Basically, exactly what the mission of this blog and what it represents to me.

In parting, Sasha gave me spiritual homework from my spirit guides to support them in their efforts to heal my heart source. However, there was a very significant emphasis on the modality: my healing will be in community.

Some of the suggested healing practices to participate in was group Reiki, sound baths, and cacao ceremonies.

Since community is the theme, I’d love to know, are there any community ceremonies that have impacted you? Please share in the comments below!

For information about a reading, please contact Sasha on Instagram.






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